Who is he?

3LAMESTUDIO is a youtuber that is very infamous among the FNAF community for

  • Being a jerk
  • Stealing Art
  • Talking out of his ass (he created quotes such as "shus" and "pippo")

He makes FNAF videos with traced over art (which he calls just a coincidence) and has 100k subscribers for this. He is an "animator" who uses Flash to create his videos

He has a twitter account and runs a show called "The Freddy Show", where he draws Freddy Fazbear like we'd expect him too.

What else is he known for

Angry Bird animations and random character crossover animations (Beymax, Sonic, Goku, Hulk, Etc)

What has he done on reddit

Nothing of importance, but has a fanboy on reddit (most likely an alternative)

An example of his creation

Ok, if you feel brave enough.

Freddy meets Spiderman

Freddy meets Spiderman

Freddy meets The Red Angry Bird • The Freddy Show

Freddy meets The Red Angry Bird • The Freddy Show

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